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Another Ghost

I’ve made my second ghost in my series of… however many I feel like making. I’m thinking of aiming around four, but we’ll see if I can stop there.

Here’s the first version of what I came up with:


But I like the second version better. The fog is too cliché.


And I did pretty much the same thing as before. Here are my original images:


Final Individual Prints

After changing a few things, I finalized my project. I chose not to print a calendar on the back because I thought it cheapened my project. I did, however, remove the more graphic pornography (see old November), lined up the text for the months, added dates in front of the overlapping models, and rearranged some quotes so that they didn’t push their boundaries on the models’ figures.

Please note that these images are grainy and a little off-color because I had to convert them to .jpegs to post them on wordpress :(. Without further ado, month by month:

5 panel layout

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.
— Alex Haley

On Color Theory

Already having played with color for my F&J project, I decided that I wanted to choose root colors and then tweak what I have already picked. Though I did something similar while making my first draft, I think that these changes solidify what I was already thinking about. I plan on making a few color changes, particularly to the last panel, after playing with these boxes.

I am also worried about playing with the background. Two colors create a dynamic color combination.

But what about three?

I worry that there are too many choices! I’ll figure it out though… I’m glad I have a head start.

Meet F and J, a Color Story

As I have graduated from the O and G project, I have moved on to F and J, the story of a grandfather and his grandson. I chose this relationship because it was different from what everyone is doing, and there is a lot to tell from just one day of their interaction.

Holding for the first time

Holding j for the first time

Since we didn’t have class today, I decided to take these three hours to work on my color project. I, stupidly, didn’t read the directions first so didn’t make my thumbnails. However, I am not yet satisfied with the colors I have chosen, so I am just going to stick with the positioning of the f and j.

Like grandfather like grandchild

Like grandfather like grandchild

However, I did play with the color quite a bit, and especially with the overlays I will likely keep the same style.

j climbs all over f

j climbs all over f

Also, in not reading the instructions (stupid stupid stupid), I found that I could change the background color. That’s something to think about when I revisit it later this week.

j is on F's mind

j is on F's mind

In terms of positioning, however, I’m pleased with what I have come up with. I likely will not change it.

j is tired and f carries him to bed

j is tired and f carries him to bed

Oddly enough, I couldn’t help but thinking about Casey’s project while I was making this familial relationship. I wanted NO SEX to be involved, or even implied between the two letterforms. I hope that this sentiment came through!

Inspiring Color Images

Color OverlaysRed as an accent in a grayscale image

Complements Under a Clear TableAd with Tan and Turquoise

Complementary Colors

Softer colors

Color as symbolism

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