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Video game character: core colors

I spent another few hours on the character this morning, adding base colors and layering.


The reason that I did it this way was so that I can differentiate textures and coloring styles when I go into further detail. I used the pen tool to make sure that the layering was in perfect alignment with the original line drawing; it takes a little longer than the magic wand tool, but it’s far more precise.

I now have the base model for my character. I’m probably going to leave her be for now and start working on TJ. Following that, I’m going to have to start brainstorming an appropriate setting for the two characters to be in.

Base colors


Thinking Woman Beginnings

I really like this pose. Here is my beginning sketch.

I have a long way to go (especially on that arm), but I’m enjoying the composition at the very least!

First time with a nude model

Working with a live model is both a thrilling and exhausting experience. I am continuously frustrated with getting proportions right!

My best attempt, I think. Her thighs are too long but she seems okay other than that.

Nerdy design post

I love the use of negative space in this cupcake. Food design win!

Asses in Classes

My next assignment is to take my friend Jonah the mannequin and turn his behind into a sexy sketch.

The original pose

After two hours of work

A close-up on the butt that is to come.

The point of this project is a lesson in perspective; how can you tell that Jonah is facing away from me? I’m using a technique called foreshortening, which makes Jonah’s long legs look compressed while emphasizing the size of his feet. I think this is my favorite sketch thus far (though I can’t quite say that yet; he’s not yet finished!).

Skellie IV

I think I’m done.

I darkened areas and added a hazy background.

It’s amazing how many hours of drawing went into drawing so simple. Well… simple in that I feel like every artist at one point or another had to draw the skeleton.

I completed another assignment earlier today. It sounded simple enough: draw a blind contour of the skeleton and include the entire drawing on a single 20″ sheet of paper. Yeah okay, two hours later I finally got my drawing. My attempts:

My first attempt


My final drawing.

A full-sized view of my final skellie.

Skellie III

I’m feeling closed to finished with my skeleton project. I added some highlights to the right arm in additional adding the left. I feel like it still needs a background and more to the right of the paper, but I’m not sure what I’m going to add. I hate adding for adding’s sake.

After another 90 minutes

After an additional 30 minutes (I had time between classes)

We got a few more assignments today. One of them was to reproduce a well-known Renaissance sketch. I chose La Madonna che Allatta il Figlio by Michelangelo Buonarroti (otherwise known as Madonna and Child). I like it because I get to draw a fat baby and a lady; most of the other pieces were muscly unrealistic men, who I have little interest in. We basically graph out the piece, scale it on nice paper, and hand draw the new version. Fat baby Jesus, here I come!

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