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You Know You’re a Designer When…

(Blatantly stolen from More there if you want more!)


The Final Project

Calendar is Panning Out

Ooooh I think this is going to be good. I’m using quotes that can be misconstrued as being dirty (kind of like “that’s what she said”), using large print backgrounds, setting the images to 85% opacity, and running with it. 5/12 done!

May 2011

Inspirational Photos for Valentines


My work tends to be all about symbolism; I can’t seem to break away from my creative writing biases. I need symbolism in order to be involved in my project, in everything from color to form. Because of that, I am starting my Valentine’s Day project by looking at various images and expressing what I see in terms of V-day.

The Umbrella

Umbrellas cover and protect you. They can be loving or emphasize a cloudy day.

Someone is obviously missing

The Kiss


Reaching for Connection

I love this picture. Boy is so into girl. Flowers, red, and gentle expressions; what more could be expected of a valentine?



I don’t know what symbolizes Valentine’s Day, love, or romance more than hearts. I feel like the more I play with placement, typography, and style, the closer I come to the Valentine I want.

Love in Nature

Loving Coffee? I'm more interested in two parts (light and the mug holder) making a whole (heart).

God I love puppy love.

This is probably my favorite idea and I will model what I do after the picture. There is texture, an emphasis on the heart, and inherent typography.

I will not do this.

No kids cards. This is about an adult, loving relationship.


I am definitely looking forward to this project but I haven’t come up with a firm idea yet!

Mia’s Color Project

Sex, lust, embrace, dominate, swoon, kiss, tackle, play, fornicate, hug,  snuggle, seize, blow, peck, endear, care, smooch, cuddle, caress, endear, fondle, pet, stroke, love.

Mia took a risk when she made her boxes and took a snapshot of an intimate moment between a and g. Let’s take a look at the before, without color.

The original five panels

When Mia adjusted her g, she slightly tilted it to give an off-center feeling
in the moment of embrace; I think that this was a wise visual choice. She also played with transparencies and object placement so that the viewer could visually trace how, specifically, g and a intertwine. A wise decision, in my opinion.

I love that Mia mixes color symbolism and makes a the dominant in its bold bright pink as it stands up tall, and g the submissive despite its pop green. The yellow background makes the two letter forms strike the viewer, suggesting action or significance. In other words, the viewer can really tell that the letter forms are getting busy by letter placement, but the color makes this square stand out amongst the rest.

5 panel layout

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.
— Alex Haley

F and J in Color

In this newest draft I am simply having a grandchild-grandparent relationship (as in, gender neutral). I also finally figured out how to save in .ai for CS3 instead of CS5!

Holding Newborn

Holding Newborn

Family Resemblance

Family Resemblance

Playing on grandparent

Playing on grandparent

Grandchild on grandparent's mind

Grandchild on grandparent's mind

Carrying grandbaby to bed

Carrying grandbaby to bed

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