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Scratching the video project… again

So I decided to go in another direction with Auggie and MJ. I like this movie better, but I still don’t feel like it’s “done.” As of now I don’t know what else to do with it… I’m letting it rest for a day. All said, I think it’s significantly better than the first video.


Final Individual Prints

After changing a few things, I finalized my project. I chose not to print a calendar on the back because I thought it cheapened my project. I did, however, remove the more graphic pornography (see old November), lined up the text for the months, added dates in front of the overlapping models, and rearranged some quotes so that they didn’t push their boundaries on the models’ figures.

Please note that these images are grainy and a little off-color because I had to convert them to .jpegs to post them on wordpress :(. Without further ado, month by month:

The Final Project

How to Turn the Explicit into Art

This is the step-by-step process that I went through for each of my months. Each print probably took me a combined 2-3 hours, but I got faster as I learned how to work smarter.

Step 1: Find a backround and models that you would like to use. The better quality and the more of the body, the easier it is to work with.

Step 2: Cut the models out of their picture using magic wand with high tolerance for bigger pieces and polygonal lasso for details. After the bodies are completely cut out, magic wand the bodies, click Apple->Shift->I, and click delete. Tada! The models are cut out of their background. Touch up using polygonal lasso tool.

Step 3: Fill in missing body parts. Examples here. Save as a .psd.

Step 4: Move into Adobe Illustrator. Create a new document for print. File->Place->your .psd.

Step 5: Click “Live Trace” at the top of the screen. I like the preset “Black and White Logo” for the smoothest appearance. If you use this preset, be sure to set its color back to CMYK for ideal printing.

Step 6: Punch in your wallpaper, calendar, and quote, and you’re done! Be sure the colors and quotes match the month :).

Final Prints are Done!

Now I have to figure out what to do with them. Here is a sneak peak at each season. These clips also represent the different artistic styles in the calendar.









The Selection is Made

I have finally decided on the four images that I will use for my o and g project, representing the need for space, the feeling of being in love, a fight, and growing old together. The image above has been modified to grayscale so that the viewer can see it a bit better.

Needing space

Sometimes, g can be a bit overbearing

I find that when g is capitalized, it is a rather antagonizing letter. It stands taller than most other letters, intimidates, angers. The lower-case g, however, is far more passive, curling its tail well below the baseline in submission. Using the submissive g, I can still play on o’s underwhelming presence, using color (well, black and white as per the project’s limitations) to point out g’s intrusion on o’s space.


Letters in Love

In closeness and cuddling, g and o express their love for one another. The cursive font allows for g to reach for o, yet still allow for o to prematurely curl into g. The vast amount of negative space only compliments the closeness of g and o, regardless of their size dragging g’s descender slightly out of the parameters.


G has a temper

G has the propensity lose it, and o tends to submit. Playing dead on the floor, o waits until G’s tantrum is over. G looms far above, screaming in its scratched-out font, in frustration in whatever o did this time.

Growing old together

g and o's Long Lasting Love

This is by far my favorite of the illustrations. It was first found in the “in love” work book, but I liked it so much that I used the piece in this section. Both o and g are content with each other, curled into one another’s arms. They are small relative to their borders, but that doesn’t seem to both them because they are so lost in one another. I can see them laying here forever, growing old together.

Love Letters from Letters in Love

“g.” “o.” Two letters of the 26 available in the western phonetic alphabet. Unbeknown to the casual flapping lips of the hundreds of languages that use their melodies, “g” and “o” are special. Why? Because they are in love; I have pictures to prove it.

Today, I drew “g” and “o” going through the motions of being in a relationship. The initial bliss, the fights, the need for space, and, since in my lifetime they will, their years aging together have all come together in these sketches.

Sometimes the font sets the mood. Soulstalker, for example, creates an intense sexual connection, whereas Champagne and Limousines allows for the letters to coddle one another.

More than anything, the proximity that the letters were to each other showed the closeness of their bond. Script fonts easily lean into each other, so that the viewer can see o and g holding hands and reaching for one another. g tended to curl around o, and give guidance and protection, whereas O was happy to let g cuddle up and fall asleep.

Not all times are happy with o and g, though.

Sometimes o has enough of g’s complaining and sucks the air right out of their space. g can’t stand it when o embarrasses it and yells defiantly at its partner. o sometimes gets so mad that g plays dead.

Like children, they will sometimes separate to the point that one misses another, and begs the other to come back to them. g clings, and o walks away. Luckily, they tend to stay together.

Yeah. G can be really nasty.

Luckily, both letters tend to realize that hey just need their space.

G can be a bit stifling. It knows that and tries to control it. Luckily, o doesn’t mind too much.

Sometimes o and g are off doing their own thing. That’s okay, because it doesn’t change the fact that they still mean something to each other. Just because they are in their own space doesn’t mean that they won’t still reach for each other a bit. And they certainly aren’t fighting the whole time.

Growing old together doesn’t necessarily mean that one dies, but we have explored the sadness of what would happen to g or o if they were lost in the world without one another.

Yeah, they do grow old. Luckily neither of them are actually dead, and they do still love each other. What a healthy relationship!

Overall, the mood was determined by the line quality, shape, and intensity in the letters, which was complimented by the use of negative space. Different fonts made  a big difference, but placement, in my opinion were more important. Their relationship could be described with the following restrictive guidelines :

  • Every panel has two distinguishable letterforms
    (but does not have to contain the entire letterform)
  • Black and white only
  • No other elements besides the letterforms (no, color, design or image)
  • Do NOT manipulate (stretch or distort) a letterform. If you want a certain aspect, select a font that contains the characteristic in its form

While drawing, I played with space, font, and size. Though I did jump from idea to idea, the themes remained the same.

Next time: what will I use for my actual project?

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