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Final Individual Prints

After changing a few things, I finalized my project. I chose not to print a calendar on the back because I thought it cheapened my project. I did, however, remove the more graphic pornography (see old November), lined up the text for the months, added dates in front of the overlapping models, and rearranged some quotes so that they didn’t push their boundaries on the models’ figures.

Please note that these images are grainy and a little off-color because I had to convert them to .jpegs to post them on wordpress :(. Without further ado, month by month:


The Final Project

Final Prints are Done!

Now I have to figure out what to do with them. Here is a sneak peak at each season. These clips also represent the different artistic styles in the calendar.









Inspirational Calendars

I am spending time looking at different kinds of calendars to determine what would be best for my valentine. There is so much to choose from!


Using the forms as a watermark

Crunching the forms onto one page (orgy?)


One page with great typography

Traditional calendar and what I was originally thinking of

Big image, small font


Calendar Girls

I have decided to push my valentines and make it into a calendar. In class I made a maquette to standardize what this calendar will look like.



For the time being, I am looking up significant holidays and their symbols for each month to find large patterns for the backgrounds. This is what I have for each month:

January: fireworks, new years, babies, MLK
February: valentine (this is mandatory, naturally!)
March: kites, pots of gold, four-leaf clovers, daffodils
April: rain, easter eggs
May: flowers, cinco de mayo, baby animals
June: meteor showers, beaches
July: fireworks
August: beaches, birthday (for Aaron), ice cream, sailboats, watermelon
September: apples and honey, honeybees
October: costumes, candy, sunsets
November: turkeys, shopping, feathers, pilgrim hats
December: santa, presents, red and green, lights, candles


I loved Nell’s idea of loving someone every day of the year, and I think that I can push it further using that supposed knowledge of creative writing that I have.  I like the idea of using quotes and proverbs for every  month, and maybe making it into a theme (Chinese quotes, Jewish quotes, etc). I feel like the words and fonts will come to me as I push the idea further.

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