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Final Individual Prints

After changing a few things, I finalized my project. I chose not to print a calendar on the back because I thought it cheapened my project. I did, however, remove the more graphic pornography (see old November), lined up the text for the months, added dates in front of the overlapping models, and rearranged some quotes so that they didn’t push their boundaries on the models’ figures.

Please note that these images are grainy and a little off-color because I had to convert them to .jpegs to post them on wordpress :(. Without further ado, month by month:


The Final Project

How to Turn the Explicit into Art

This is the step-by-step process that I went through for each of my months. Each print probably took me a combined 2-3 hours, but I got faster as I learned how to work smarter.

Step 1: Find a backround and models that you would like to use. The better quality and the more of the body, the easier it is to work with.

Step 2: Cut the models out of their picture using magic wand with high tolerance for bigger pieces and polygonal lasso for details. After the bodies are completely cut out, magic wand the bodies, click Apple->Shift->I, and click delete. Tada! The models are cut out of their background. Touch up using polygonal lasso tool.

Step 3: Fill in missing body parts. Examples here. Save as a .psd.

Step 4: Move into Adobe Illustrator. Create a new document for print. File->Place->your .psd.

Step 5: Click “Live Trace” at the top of the screen. I like the preset “Black and White Logo” for the smoothest appearance. If you use this preset, be sure to set its color back to CMYK for ideal printing.

Step 6: Punch in your wallpaper, calendar, and quote, and you’re done! Be sure the colors and quotes match the month :).

Final Prints are Done!

Now I have to figure out what to do with them. Here is a sneak peak at each season. These clips also represent the different artistic styles in the calendar.









Calendar is Panning Out

Ooooh I think this is going to be good. I’m using quotes that can be misconstrued as being dirty (kind of like “that’s what she said”), using large print backgrounds, setting the images to 85% opacity, and running with it. 5/12 done!

May 2011

Progress on the Valentine Project

So far, I have picked out all the backgrounds for my calendar, and I’m now working on the hard part: the models. It’s not easy because most porn pictures don’t show the whole body. SO, most of my projects turn out like this:

I have to cut the bodies out of their background and then draw or add limbs from other sources. However, one cannot tell (in my opinion and hopefully) in the final panel.

Though this image is seemingly finished, I still haven’t converted it to vectors. I’m going to do that in a final step for all of my images.

Inspirational Calendars

I am spending time looking at different kinds of calendars to determine what would be best for my valentine. There is so much to choose from!


Using the forms as a watermark

Crunching the forms onto one page (orgy?)


One page with great typography

Traditional calendar and what I was originally thinking of

Big image, small font


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