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Meet F and J, a Color Story

As I have graduated from the O and G project, I have moved on to F and J, the story of a grandfather and his grandson. I chose this relationship because it was different from what everyone is doing, and there is a lot to tell from just one day of their interaction.

Holding for the first time

Holding j for the first time

Since we didn’t have class today, I decided to take these three hours to work on my color project. I, stupidly, didn’t read the directions first so didn’t make my thumbnails. However, I am not yet satisfied with the colors I have chosen, so I am just going to stick with the positioning of the f and j.

Like grandfather like grandchild

Like grandfather like grandchild

However, I did play with the color quite a bit, and especially with the overlays I will likely keep the same style.

j climbs all over f

j climbs all over f

Also, in not reading the instructions (stupid stupid stupid), I found that I could change the background color. That’s something to think about when I revisit it later this week.

j is on F's mind

j is on F's mind

In terms of positioning, however, I’m pleased with what I have come up with. I likely will not change it.

j is tired and f carries him to bed

j is tired and f carries him to bed

Oddly enough, I couldn’t help but thinking about Casey’s project while I was making this familial relationship. I wanted NO SEX to be involved, or even implied between the two letterforms. I hope that this sentiment came through!


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