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Nerdy design post

I love the use of negative space in this cupcake. Food design win!

Skellie II

Spent two more hours on my little skeleton today. I’m having a hard time with the hip because it’s just slightly tilted away from my viewing point. All of this is done on ebony/hb pencils – 6B.

After 1 hour

After 2 hours

We start new projects on Wednesday so I’m hoping to get at least this sketch done by then (along with two others that I haven’t even started yet!).

My professor, Anne, also went over some interesting artists that I would love to share with you.

Cindy Sherman: A photographer who focuses on the role of women in the traditional space

Cindy Sherman: A photographer who focuses on the role of women in the traditional space

More Cindy Sherman

More Cindy Sherman

Kiki Smith: Focuses on humans as sacks of bodily fluids, focuses on deconstructing the body

Kitaj: Combines line and solid form

Kitaj: Combines line and solid form


More Kitaj

Howardena Pindell: African-American abstract mixed media artist

Magdalena Abakanowicz: Sculptor focused on WWII and oppression, using repetition to highlight how people can be perceived as non-people


You Know You’re a Designer When…

(Blatantly stolen from More there if you want more!)

Inspiration: Naka

The strange thing about this artist is that I don’t know anything about him. His “Info” section on his website is blank. I love how surreal all of his work is, especially with his use of Asian-influenced style. More than anything, I love that he uses real images of nature and embeds fantasy into them. Absolutely wonderful.

How to Turn a Raster into a Vector Image Using CS5

Step 1: Pick a picture you want to vectorcize! Play with it in photoshop if you want. Remember, this image starts out as a raster.

Original Picture

Original Picture in Photoshop

Step 2: Open Adobe Illustrator and make a blank document the size of your choosing.

Adobe Illustrator New Document

Adobe Illustrator New Document

Step 3: Open File, select “Place,” and choose your raster image.

Select Image

Select Image

Step 4: Once placed, click the arrow to the right of live trace. You have many different options for how you want to vectorcize your image!

Options for Vectorization

Options for Vectorization

Step 5: Once you are content with your selection, click expand to alter the image. Et voila! C’est complete! (In this example, I used Color 6).

Vector Puppy

Vector Puppy

Cute, huh? 🙂

Final Pup

Final Pup

Inspirational Calendars

I am spending time looking at different kinds of calendars to determine what would be best for my valentine. There is so much to choose from!


Using the forms as a watermark

Crunching the forms onto one page (orgy?)


One page with great typography

Traditional calendar and what I was originally thinking of

Big image, small font


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