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New Drawings

Blue Madonna -- Experimental

Updated Thinking Woman


Thinking Woman Beginnings

I really like this pose. Here is my beginning sketch.

I have a long way to go (especially on that arm), but I’m enjoying the composition at the very least!

Updated charcoal

I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

Letting go, part one


The Model Looked Like Lady Gaga Today

Look at those shoulder blades!!

Gaga Model

Drawing Mannequins

They are DISPROPORTIONATE in SIZE which is THROWING ME OFF. Not to say that I don’t like what I’ve done with my latest sketch…

After 45 minutes.

After 3 hours.

Blind contours

I’ve been working with the model more. There are moments where I think I might have talent, and then I see everyone else’s work.

Blind contour (probably my favorite).

Blind contour (top) and gesture of the same pose.

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