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Final Speechwriting Project

Using the skills that I learned in my digital design class, I used Final Cut Express to film my speechwriting final: a Jon Stewart spoof performed by my best friend, scripted by me. I definitely couldn’t have done all of the effects without this class. Without further ado, THE CARVER COUNTDOWN!



Rastersizeme Logo



The problem with logos on wordpress is that they have to be square. I hate the borders.

Finished the Dues Infographic

This went to print today and I’m picking it up tomorrow from Staples. The final print is 18″x24″, so somewhat small, but it will do the trick I think!

Class of 2011 Infographic

My Resume as an Infographic

I’ve spent a LONG time on this, and it’s my first try (and I’m getting frustrated in waiting to develop my website). Would love comments/suggestions, because this will be my e-resume! After looking at it as a .png, I’m thinking the green needs to be darker.

Working Late on the Wrong Project

I am currently working on an infographic for the class of 2011. The women will represent different committees in black cat and need to be labeled. I would loooove feedback. The image is a little blurry because I changed it from .ai to .pdf to .png for this website (in other words, I switched it from vectors to rasters).

The final graphic will be printed and mounted next to the class dues table on an 18″-24″ poster.

Old work

Get ready for an image-intensive post of the work I’ve done all on Photoshop CS3. I will be posting newest to oldest, so you can definitely see how my work has progressed!

The Logo for Suzie Savings

An invitation to my parents' party (edited for security)

Anti-Texting Awareness Bumper Sticker

The image for an inspirational environmentalist poster

Logo for Biodiversity

Sepsis Awareness

Flyer for Non-Fiction Reading

Part of a Compilation

Part of a Compilation

Part of a Compilation

Personal Portrait

To Draw with Bamboo

Two weeks ago, I turned 21. Instead of begging for liquor, martini shakers, and wine, I bombarded my friends and family with requests for Adobe CS5 and a bamboo pen. I got the pen.

Bamboo is Wacom’s tablet that is compatible for Macs (yay!) and PCs. I was disappointed to find out that Mac doesn’t support tablet software  much, though ink does work pretty well. Though I can’t mark up my documents, I’ve found it quite enjoyable to play with.

Just like a normal pen, the color changes with pressure

What makes this pen particularly nice is that it mimics line quality and emphasis similar to a real pen. With Corel Painter , the software that comes with the pen, the more pressure on the pen makes the strokes darker and thicker. In other words, the pen allows for greater customization and easier strokes than the highest quality mouse would allow.

It is also great for warm up sketches

Overall I’m very pleased with my pen, and looking forward to  how it can help me in digital design!

Final design for the night. Frankly, I'm addicted!

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