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Morceaux de Papier

Emphasize connection between similar objects.

This, right now, is the only sentence I have to work with while brainstorming for my newest work. The assignment is to take paper, of any form, and manipulate it to express this abstract quality. A thought that I came up with in class is what I would like to work with. The connection that I would like to work with between the similar objects is that they are both made of paper. On a large scale–large as in it is emphasized amongst other projects–I want to take a large piece of foam-core board (1) and cut it from the side. Then, from another piece of foam-core I would like to make a pair of open scissors and stick it in the incision on the cut foam-core. To again emphasize the connection between the two intertwined objects, I would snip out some of the handles of the scissors and leave them next to the cut foam-core, to show that the scissors are made of the same material. To further show the similarity between objects, I would put a large colored dot on where the blades come together on the pair of scissors, and replicate that dot in the middle of the cut foam-core.

If this doesn’t emphasize connection between similar objects, I don’t know what does!

Paper Scissors

A similar project I found



Emphasize connection between similar objects

I love this one the most, but I don't think that I have the artistic talent to pull it off.

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