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Porn in My Valentine (perhaps NSFW)

I have found my inspiration. In my post about inspirational photos, I wrote, “I’m more interested in two parts (light and the mug holder) making a whole (heart).” Without knowing it, I had created my design idea. Two parts make a whole. Two objects create another object. That is what love is about, isn’t it? Well, so is sex.

I found these pictures by Von Brandis.




We all know exactly what is going on here. The negative space takes the objects (people) who would be there and combines them, creating a whole.

Though I think that Von Brandis has a good start, I can definitely push this concept further. Firstly, I want to use a photo where the relationship is equal. Secondly, I would want to distort the background to make it seem more sublime instead of the standard bedroom/kitchen/school room scene. Finally, I would want to fill that negative space. I was thinking of using a reflective paper so that one can imagine oneself in the objects’ position. I need to push the idea a little further, but I like where it is going. I also need to think about appropriate words and typography for the project.


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