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Pictures for Fantasy

I went into the woods today and got the pictures that I needed for my project. Unfortunately, I couldn’t secure I high-quality camera before I went, so I did my best to change my camera settings before I went outside. I used a Canon Powershot SD1200 IS (or, in other words, a tiny digital camera). To change my settings, I clicked “FUNCTION SET” then, as scrolling downwards, changed the ISO to 1600, the AWB to CLOUDY, and the picture size to 3648 x2736px. That’s HUGE! These are the pictures that I am most contented with, though they haven’t been photoshopped yet:



Inspirational Photos for Valentines


My work tends to be all about symbolism; I can’t seem to break away from my creative writing biases. I need symbolism in order to be involved in my project, in everything from color to form. Because of that, I am starting my Valentine’s Day project by looking at various images and expressing what I see in terms of V-day.

The Umbrella

Umbrellas cover and protect you. They can be loving or emphasize a cloudy day.

Someone is obviously missing

The Kiss


Reaching for Connection

I love this picture. Boy is so into girl. Flowers, red, and gentle expressions; what more could be expected of a valentine?



I don’t know what symbolizes Valentine’s Day, love, or romance more than hearts. I feel like the more I play with placement, typography, and style, the closer I come to the Valentine I want.

Love in Nature

Loving Coffee? I'm more interested in two parts (light and the mug holder) making a whole (heart).

God I love puppy love.

This is probably my favorite idea and I will model what I do after the picture. There is texture, an emphasis on the heart, and inherent typography.

I will not do this.

No kids cards. This is about an adult, loving relationship.


I am definitely looking forward to this project but I haven’t come up with a firm idea yet!

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