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Baby Jesus II

This is copied to the best of my ability from La Madonna che Allatta il Figlio by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The rendering looks weird but… I suppose that’s just how it is?

I visited the High Museum today to look at a few pieces for art history. I decided to write my paper on Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini. I’m just in a baby Jesus kick I guess.

Bellini's Madonna and Child

There were a great deal of other interesting works as well. Here are two more of my favorites.


Makutu by Barbara Hepworth. I recommend clicking the image for a bigger view.

Eternal Spring by Auguste Rodin


Baby Jesus

The fat baby is coming along! It took me an hour just to outline the grid on both the original copy and the copy I’m making. I’m aiming to finish this by Monday.

My start

Skellie III

I’m feeling closed to finished with my skeleton project. I added some highlights to the right arm in additional adding the left. I feel like it still needs a background and more to the right of the paper, but I’m not sure what I’m going to add. I hate adding for adding’s sake.

After another 90 minutes

After an additional 30 minutes (I had time between classes)

We got a few more assignments today. One of them was to reproduce a well-known Renaissance sketch. I chose La Madonna che Allatta il Figlio by Michelangelo Buonarroti (otherwise known as Madonna and Child). I like it because I get to draw a fat baby and a lady; most of the other pieces were muscly unrealistic men, who I have little interest in. We basically graph out the piece, scale it on nice paper, and hand draw the new version. Fat baby Jesus, here I come!

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