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Calendar Girls

I have decided to push my valentines and make it into a calendar. In class I made a maquette to standardize what this calendar will look like.



For the time being, I am looking up significant holidays and their symbols for each month to find large patterns for the backgrounds. This is what I have for each month:

January: fireworks, new years, babies, MLK
February: valentine (this is mandatory, naturally!)
March: kites, pots of gold, four-leaf clovers, daffodils
April: rain, easter eggs
May: flowers, cinco de mayo, baby animals
June: meteor showers, beaches
July: fireworks
August: beaches, birthday (for Aaron), ice cream, sailboats, watermelon
September: apples and honey, honeybees
October: costumes, candy, sunsets
November: turkeys, shopping, feathers, pilgrim hats
December: santa, presents, red and green, lights, candles


I loved Nell’s idea of loving someone every day of the year, and I think that I can push it further using that supposed knowledge of creative writing that I have.  I like the idea of using quotes and proverbs for every  month, and maybe making it into a theme (Chinese quotes, Jewish quotes, etc). I feel like the words and fonts will come to me as I push the idea further.


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