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Mia’s Color Project

Sex, lust, embrace, dominate, swoon, kiss, tackle, play, fornicate, hug,  snuggle, seize, blow, peck, endear, care, smooch, cuddle, caress, endear, fondle, pet, stroke, love.

Mia took a risk when she made her boxes and took a snapshot of an intimate moment between a and g. Let’s take a look at the before, without color.

The original five panels

When Mia adjusted her g, she slightly tilted it to give an off-center feeling
in the moment of embrace; I think that this was a wise visual choice. She also played with transparencies and object placement so that the viewer could visually trace how, specifically, g and a intertwine. A wise decision, in my opinion.

I love that Mia mixes color symbolism and makes a the dominant in its bold bright pink as it stands up tall, and g the submissive despite its pop green. The yellow background makes the two letter forms strike the viewer, suggesting action or significance. In other words, the viewer can really tell that the letter forms are getting busy by letter placement, but the color makes this square stand out amongst the rest.


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