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Video Game Self Portrait

Today I started my art final. We haven’t exactly been given the assignment yet, but because I know exactly what I want to do (and that it will take me a long while to do it), I put in three hours tonight. Dr. Beidler approved the project on the condition that I make a process log. So here I go.

It’s amazing to take art history and drawing at the same time. Oddly, I enjoy Romantic literature and music, so it shouldn’t have been surprising that when we started the genre today I would feel inspired. My two favorite pieces that we covered so far will definitely influence the layout of this piece.

Thomas Cole: Dream of Arcadia

Caspar David Friedrich: Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

They look epic enough to be in a game, right?

To do this self portrait, I am using a picture, a wacom tablet, and Photoshop CS5. The tablet plugs into my Mac which allows me to draw straight into my computer. The photo that I’ve decided to work off is from my recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia:

Posing with Thomas Jefferson

I imported this picture into Photoshop, then started laying out the core features of my and TJ’s body. I think I’m going to make TJ a giant.

Basic form

Layout without background image

I next started to turn this into a line drawing. This was the most challenging part thus far, because I was making up clothes for myself and how they would fit me. I pulled inspiration from my favorite game, Dragon Age: Origins.


I zoomed in up to 300% to make sure that everything connected (essential for color, which I will add later) and that there weren’t any extra lines. I mixed the opacity of the original figure drawing and photo to make the final product its own. I removed my glasses because when I imagine myself I don’t see myself wearing them.

Using the figural drawing.

I’m finished with the line drawing of myself as a hero right now… and I’m pretty pleased with how it looks. There is a lot to go with this image though!

I am a hero.


Thinking Woman Beginnings

I really like this pose. Here is my beginning sketch.

I have a long way to go (especially on that arm), but I’m enjoying the composition at the very least!

The Model Looked Like Lady Gaga Today

Look at those shoulder blades!!

Gaga Model

Drawing Mannequins

They are DISPROPORTIONATE in SIZE which is THROWING ME OFF. Not to say that I don’t like what I’ve done with my latest sketch…

After 45 minutes.

After 3 hours.

Simple Little Drawing

It's amazing how something this simple takes me simple, and it still isn't right!

Blind contours

I’ve been working with the model more. There are moments where I think I might have talent, and then I see everyone else’s work.

Blind contour (probably my favorite).

Blind contour (top) and gesture of the same pose.

First time with a nude model

Working with a live model is both a thrilling and exhausting experience. I am continuously frustrated with getting proportions right!

My best attempt, I think. Her thighs are too long but she seems okay other than that.

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