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Finally done editing my video

I am officially never going into video editing. There is so much that I could say to critique this video (it feels like two parts, it’s unoriginal, it doesn’t have any real point), which makes it so difficult to turn into class tomorrow. I have spent about 16 hours on these two minutes of film, and even now I think it’s crap. Part of the problem is that I scrapped my original storyboard idea (with good reason), so I filmed without purpose, leaving me with some unusable scraps of film. Lesson learned: have a concept before shooting!

Anyways, no super heros, crying kids, corniness, and a soundtrack. Here goes:



To Draw with Bamboo

Two weeks ago, I turned 21. Instead of begging for liquor, martini shakers, and wine, I bombarded my friends and family with requests for Adobe CS5 and a bamboo pen. I got the pen.

Bamboo is Wacom’s tablet that is compatible for Macs (yay!) and PCs. I was disappointed to find out that Mac doesn’t support tablet software  much, though ink does work pretty well. Though I can’t mark up my documents, I’ve found it quite enjoyable to play with.

Just like a normal pen, the color changes with pressure

What makes this pen particularly nice is that it mimics line quality and emphasis similar to a real pen. With Corel Painter , the software that comes with the pen, the more pressure on the pen makes the strokes darker and thicker. In other words, the pen allows for greater customization and easier strokes than the highest quality mouse would allow.

It is also great for warm up sketches

Overall I’m very pleased with my pen, and looking forward to  how it can help me in digital design!

Final design for the night. Frankly, I'm addicted!

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