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Final Reflection: The Movie, The Ghosts, The Semester

One of my favorite things to do during the open house on Thursday was watch visitors’ reaction to The Hunted Movie Trailer. People would spook just from watching it, which was definitely the intention. It was definitely an experience taking something sugary sappy sweet–like children playing–and changing it into something horrifying. Overall, I think the final product came out well. Though the movie wasn’t in the time limit, I found that most movie trailers–even teaser trailers–last only 30 to 60 seconds; I believe that I was well within the means of my genre.

As for the ghosts, I really which that I had more time to work on this project. I really wanted to hand draw the images like Naka, but knowing my personal and time limitations, I had to redirect my process. The ghosts communicated as they intended; they are haunting, daunting, but passive unless approached. They are not necessarily friendly, but also not necessarily harmful. These in-betweens–just like the use of opacity and lighting–I think is what makes this final composition work. Had I had more time with them, I would have wanted to add more to the series. However, as of now I think that the four images look great together.

The course–Art 250 that is–proved to be a learning experience in a variety of ways. First, it confirmed that I definitely have a passion for digital design and that I could actually have a future in the digital design industry. The course also confirmed that I have a long way to go. There is so much that I have to learn before probably even qualifying for grad school. I am always really nervous about my artwork, so the positive feedback from the class about both my creativity and for the final products meant the world to me. The constructive criticism and work of others led me to alter my work to be more aesthetically pleasing and strategically deep. I wish that I could have more time to build my portfolio. As of now, I am hoping for year five to do so.




Okay, so I took off Ghostbusters. Perhaps a hasty move. FINAL PROJECTS TO BE PRINTED ARE (drumroll please):

Ghostly Advertisements (Who You Gonna Call)

Well the semester is drawing to a close and I have finally finished my lovely ghost project. In the end, I thought it would be fun to make this a project about contrast. I have really nice images that I am turning into advertisements for… get ready… Ghostbusters. Though I feel like my images are classy enough to be used to mockingly advertise “barely there” make-up, or skin whitener for the Asian market, I thought it would be fun to play with the idea of taking something classy, like my lady ghosts, and contrast it with something juvenile (yet fun!) like Ghostbusters. In the end, I ended up rebranding Ghostbusters to appeal to more upperclass members of the ghost-hunting market, who were not previously sought after by Ghostbusters Inc.


That being said, here are the final four pictures of my lovely ghost.


Scratching the video project… again

So I decided to go in another direction with Auggie and MJ. I like this movie better, but I still don’t feel like it’s “done.” As of now I don’t know what else to do with it… I’m letting it rest for a day. All said, I think it’s significantly better than the first video.

Finally done editing my video

I am officially never going into video editing. There is so much that I could say to critique this video (it feels like two parts, it’s unoriginal, it doesn’t have any real point), which makes it so difficult to turn into class tomorrow. I have spent about 16 hours on these two minutes of film, and even now I think it’s crap. Part of the problem is that I scrapped my original storyboard idea (with good reason), so I filmed without purpose, leaving me with some unusable scraps of film. Lesson learned: have a concept before shooting!

Anyways, no super heros, crying kids, corniness, and a soundtrack. Here goes:


Mia’s Color Project

Sex, lust, embrace, dominate, swoon, kiss, tackle, play, fornicate, hug,  snuggle, seize, blow, peck, endear, care, smooch, cuddle, caress, endear, fondle, pet, stroke, love.

Mia took a risk when she made her boxes and took a snapshot of an intimate moment between a and g. Let’s take a look at the before, without color.

The original five panels

When Mia adjusted her g, she slightly tilted it to give an off-center feeling
in the moment of embrace; I think that this was a wise visual choice. She also played with transparencies and object placement so that the viewer could visually trace how, specifically, g and a intertwine. A wise decision, in my opinion.

I love that Mia mixes color symbolism and makes a the dominant in its bold bright pink as it stands up tall, and g the submissive despite its pop green. The yellow background makes the two letter forms strike the viewer, suggesting action or significance. In other words, the viewer can really tell that the letter forms are getting busy by letter placement, but the color makes this square stand out amongst the rest.

O and g, revisited

There were a number of beautiful presentations on Wednesday, which made me re-examine my work. Because another classmate, AJ, took the same approach as I did, I paid special attention to our professor’s critique of her work. Specifically, I pushed the pregnancy more and focused more on the art of the project rather than the story. This is what I came up with.

o loves g again

o loves g again

This is due on Wednesday. In the meantime, we’re supposed to start playing with color. That will be the next post!

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