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Drawing Mannequins

They are DISPROPORTIONATE in SIZE which is THROWING ME OFF. Not to say that I don’t like what I’ve done with my latest sketch…

After 45 minutes.

After 3 hours.


Simple Little Drawing

It's amazing how something this simple takes me simple, and it still isn't right!


I've never done this before. I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Negative space

Blind contours

I’ve been working with the model more. There are moments where I think I might have talent, and then I see everyone else’s work.

Blind contour (probably my favorite).

Blind contour (top) and gesture of the same pose.

First time with a nude model

Working with a live model is both a thrilling and exhausting experience. I am continuously frustrated with getting proportions right!

My best attempt, I think. Her thighs are too long but she seems okay other than that.

Baby Jesus II

This is copied to the best of my ability from La Madonna che Allatta il Figlio by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The rendering looks weird but… I suppose that’s just how it is?

I visited the High Museum today to look at a few pieces for art history. I decided to write my paper on Madonna and Child by Giovanni Bellini. I’m just in a baby Jesus kick I guess.

Bellini's Madonna and Child

There were a great deal of other interesting works as well. Here are two more of my favorites.


Makutu by Barbara Hepworth. I recommend clicking the image for a bigger view.

Eternal Spring by Auguste Rodin

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