don't stop imaging

So far, I have picked out all the backgrounds for my calendar, and I’m now working on the hard part: the models. It’s not easy because most porn pictures don’t show the whole body. SO, most of my projects turn out like this:

I have to cut the bodies out of their background and then draw or add limbs from other sources. However, one cannot tell (in my opinion and hopefully) in the final panel.

Though this image is seemingly finished, I still haven’t converted it to vectors. I’m going to do that in a final step for all of my images.


Comments on: "Progress on the Valentine Project" (2)

  1. Not sure if this is something you have/have not considered, but are you gonna do same-sex couples too? I think that’d be neat.

    • So far I have two lesbian couples and a gay couple, and a lot of them end up looking androgynous. I’m not sure how the last four are going to pan out, but that more depends on the quality of image than on the gender of the models 🙂

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