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My work tends to be all about symbolism; I can’t seem to break away from my creative writing biases. I need symbolism in order to be involved in my project, in everything from color to form. Because of that, I am starting my Valentine’s Day project by looking at various images and expressing what I see in terms of V-day.

The Umbrella

Umbrellas cover and protect you. They can be loving or emphasize a cloudy day.

Someone is obviously missing

The Kiss


Reaching for Connection

I love this picture. Boy is so into girl. Flowers, red, and gentle expressions; what more could be expected of a valentine?



I don’t know what symbolizes Valentine’s Day, love, or romance more than hearts. I feel like the more I play with placement, typography, and style, the closer I come to the Valentine I want.

Love in Nature

Loving Coffee? I'm more interested in two parts (light and the mug holder) making a whole (heart).

God I love puppy love.

This is probably my favorite idea and I will model what I do after the picture. There is texture, an emphasis on the heart, and inherent typography.

I will not do this.

No kids cards. This is about an adult, loving relationship.


I am definitely looking forward to this project but I haven’t come up with a firm idea yet!


Comments on: "Inspirational Photos for Valentines" (2)

  1. Love your body campaign, YES! I had to sit and look at it for a good minute. At first I thought it was someone hugging the worlds, and then I realized I saw the belly button piercing, and had to go up and down a couple times with my eyes to understand what exactly was in the background. It definitely plays with the eyes. The manipulation of the text is wonderful, the little heart that zones the eye in, and the texture, all great parts to make a wonderful presentation as a whole. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kudos to you for finding it, I can’t wait to see what ideas come forth from it for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. […] in My Valentine (perhaps NSFW) I have found my inspiration. In my post about inspirational photos, I wrote, “I’m more interested in two parts (light and the mug holder) making a whole […]

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