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o and g: a pregnancy

My o and g project is due Wednesday. By then, we have to build a dynamic relationship between the two letters and express it in a black and white box with no add-ins. There must be five panels total, a mask and base layer, a 7″x7″ box to confine one panel, and each layer must be labeled.

Instead of playing o and g as lovers, I decided that they should have a defined relationship. g is the mother, o is the baby.

g is pregnant with o

g is pregnant with o

The reason why I find this relationship so compelling is because g, I believe, can take on human characteristics. It can have a swollen tummy, a stern expression, a longing gaze. I can play with these attributes to play on g and o’s relationship, and hopefully diminish the number of people who just see “go.”

The first years

The first years

As you can see, I didn’t completely scrap the original romantic relationship between the two letters. I love the CrayonE font that I was using to show closeness in their original relationship, though I toyed with it more to show more of a parental relationship. All of these pages were just favorites of the many many many that I have since made.

o has a tantrum

o has a tantrum

I also decided to keep using Extrafine to demonstrate anger or angst. Some of these files run over each other a bit, but I know how to fix that by reordering the layers; since they’re mock ups the overlap doesn’t bother me so much.

Teen angst with boxes

Teen angst with boxes

Teen angst without boxes

Teen angst without boxes

The most fun that I had when I was making the teenage angst section was choosing the different fonts between the g and the o. I wanted g to be as standard and conservative as possible, so I ended up with Times New Roman. o, on the other hand, had to be a bit wacky. I ended up picking Billy Argel because of the swoopy, emo hairstyle that o appears to have. I’m not sure which of the above images I have, but as you can see in Teen angst without boxes, g definitely holds down the fort while o is a little bit lost.

o leaves for college

o leaves for college

The final panel of the strip will be bittersweet: o leaves for college. The g fonts that I chose were based on their g terminals; I can see the hinting of a face on the g. g, signaled by the direction of its terminal, watches as o leaves, proud and sad. Naturally, I thought the Princeton LET font would be perfect for o. o is half out of the picture because it is almost gone for college.

Though I have a number of prints from these templates, I am going to sit down later tonight and pick the best to show o and g’s story.


Comments on: "o and g: a pregnancy" (5)

  1. This is so cool. What class is this for?

  2. Wow that’s so cool! You’re really creative.

  3. Very nice, love it!!!

  4. Rachel I’m so loving you works!! damn the last panel makes me sad…

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