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O my G, Typography!

In class today, we started to work on our letter projects. My professor, Nell, had some constructive criticism regarding my choice of letters. She said that all she could see was “go,” but that it could work to my advantage (I have yet to see how, but I really like the two letters so I’m working on it).

I only got to work on anger because most of the class was spent on figuring out how to make a mask on Adobe Illustrator. For future reference, a mask is kind of like two pieces of paper stacked on one another, where one has holes in it to see through to the other.

To make a mask, create the object that you want to be cut out. Then, fill the canvass with the same-colored square or rectangle. From there, click the “Pathfinder” tab in the align box, and in that menu click “Divide.” Click the object that you want cut out, and tada, you have a mask! In my canvasses, I cut out 16 squares.

I need to pick five final panels for the class. Here are my four favorites based on what I had thought about in my previous post.

Any and all thoughts would be welcome!


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